East Neuk Open Studios

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Jo Walker

studio JMW

Flat 2 (First floor)
20 Westgate South
KY10 3RF

Contact details:
07713 458824


Coming into to Crail from Anstruther, there is a Church on your left. Opposite this, on the right hand side, there is a lane. Almost at the beginning of the lane, between the buildings there is a black iron wrought gate, on the left beyond  is a brown communal door. The studio is up one flight of stairs.

I started painting as an emotional response to my surroundings, initially when I lived in the Sultanate of Oman and now, living in the beautiful East Neuk of Fife, I love the ever changing seascapes and the bustling harbours.

While my love of ‘wet-into-wet’ watercolours helps to convey atmosphere, I’m now experimenting with other subject matter and mediums (often using several in the same painting). I prefer to  ‘extract the essence’ of an image rather than reproduce an exact likeness. This is especially true of my floral work where I often use vibrant colours. However, I also love the subtle colours needed for say…a misty March day in Venice, where the idea of ‘less is more’ appeals.

I am still on my painting journey, trying out new materials and tools. I’m having too much fun to come ‘off the artistic fence’ just yet. I am continuing to add to my skills in the hope of  finding a consistent  ‘voice’.  So for the moment  “nothing ventured, nothing gained” is my painting motto.  The excitement of producing different artwork, of just going with the flow, is addictive. I enjoy painting  too much  to stick to only one medium.