East Neuk Open Studios

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Kate Hajducka

61 John Street
KY10 3BA

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My studio is in the kitchen of a cottage on the shore side of John Street in Cellardyke. Access is down some steps from John Street, through a short passageway where the studio is on the right. The studio backs on to the shore and if the weather isn’t too rough the garden is open too!

The source of my work is to go out and draw directly from nature and the landscape. I then work in the studio using beeswax and pigments on prepared boards as my medium. The beeswax is heated to melting point and mixed with powdered pigment. I then have to work quickly to apply the wax to the boards, before working back into the image using heat, scratching, scraping and ‘etching’ lines in to the surface. I sometimes also combine other mediums such as oil paint mixed with a beeswax, turpentine paste to create varied textures and surfaces. These methods build up complex layers to convey the atmosphere and substance of plants and landscapes.

I have a background in illustration and art therapy and also study botanical painting and print making. Recently, I have been making artist books and stone lithographs.