Open Studios 2024

Open Studios by location

22nd, 23rd, 29th & 30th June
(local maps and artists’ details)

#ENOS24 map

Venue Notes

Open 22nd & 23rd only
7. Tom Lamb
14. Jilly Ballantyne
12. Eleanor Meredith
19. Angela Learoyd

Open 29th & 30th only
32. Fiona Fleming
39. Anita Stewart (NB. Susan will however be at venue 39 for both weekends)

Other variations
4. Sue Holt (Woollen Wave) – Not open on 22nd
29. Lisa Rooney – Sundays only

Unfortunately, Dharmi Bradley (venue 10) is now unable to take part.

Brochure now widely available throughout the East Neuk and beyond. Download a copy …

Follow the red balloons!

Follow the red balloons