DoodleCraft Design

As a designer of Cross Stitch and Blackwork embroidery designs I draw upon my years of drawing and painting to create functional and innovative designs – Games Boards, Clocks, Cards as well as birds, flowers, animals and contemporary blackwork embroidery.

These designs are now available as Gifts, printed on Fabric and made into cushion covers, foldable board games for travelling or Vegan Leather in a wooden surround. All can be customised to include names, events, dates, etc to create a unique and special gift.

Stitching is a great aide for mental health stability and the sense of achievement and progress of stitching our games boards has been a boon to many during lockdown.

I have lived in Fife since the early 1990’s and gradually migrated west to the edge of the East Neuk – Leven/Lundin Links area – and we have a small Gallery Studio and hold stitching sessions and workshops for stitchers (once Covid restrictions are eased)

I suffer from hEDS (Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Sydrome) a genetic condition that impacts the formation of collagen in the body and this has caused early onset arthritis in my joints so I can no longer hold a paintbrush or pencil so my creative fix comes from my designing and stitching.

I also take commissions to create charts from Photo’s provided there are no copyright issues. We have over 200 designs on our website for Charts or Full kits and all designs can be printed on a variety of fabrics for quilting, or as finished gifts.