Tablet + Haar

tablet+HAAR is the textile and surface pattern design studio run by Katie Ebben Smith from the seaside village of Crail on the east coast of Scotland. Katie uses hand screen printing techniques and environmentally friendly inks as well as digital print to create her textiles. Katie named her studio after two of her great loves: the haar (sea fog) which rolls inland creating an enveloping and mysterious atmosphere that she finds inspiring, and tablet – an ultra sweet and crumbly Scottish kind of fudge – which hurts her teeth but just one square inch keeps her happily pulling screens for hours.

tablet+HAAR is driven by a passion for print, colour and pattern. Materials and process are important to Katie and each hand printed item she makes is unique. She is inspired by the beautiful landscape of the East Neuk, creating colourful and calming designs capturing the essence of her surroundings. Whether it’s a vast seascape or a tiny wild flower, she strives to convey that still point where everything else melts away and contentment is found.

Shown here are 3 of her prints she created this during Summer: Last Days of Summer, Indoor Jungle and Autumn Seed Heads; and a range of other items. See these and the rest of her products at