Pittenweem, down by the shore …

From South Loan, you can walk down towards the harbour via one of Pittenweem’s winding Wynds. Halfway down Calman’s Wynd, you’ll find Kirstie Behrens and her brother David, two young artists with their own distinctive styles.

David Behrens

Down by the harbour, you arrive at the studio of Marlene Patrick, who in addition to her award winning paintings, has created a unique range of designer clothing.

Beyond the end of the harbour road, on the path leading out of the village towards the West Braes, the houses are so close to the sea that the sea sometimes comes knocking at their doors.

That’s where you’ll find Shelley Jupitus, whose studio is in the back garden, through the side gate, and further along the path, Gina Wright, whose studio is in the wash house next to her cottage.

Shelley Jupitus