Dawn Hollis

The Crail Press is directed by Dawn Hollis and Kelsey Jackson Williams, with the ‘assistance’ of two cats, Bell and Caslon (both named for excellent typefaces) and their baby daughter. We produce all things letterpress, from postcards to poetry, and particularly enjoy printing in Scots. We both learnt to print at the Bodleian Bibliographical Press in Oxford, and produce most of our work on our small but trusty Adana 8 x 5, a twentieth-century ‘tabletop’ press.

The Crail Press

Address:  23 High Street North, Crail, KY10 3TB

Contact details: thecrailpress@gmail.com

Categories: Letterpress Printing

Directions: The Crail Press inhabits the front room of 23 High Street North, Crail – most easily identified as the green door opposite Barnett’s Bakers! (Which is a danger indeed for the printers’ waistlines).