I am a Zimbabwe born abstract expressionist artist and photographer, living in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland. Umlungu was the endearing nickname given to me during my many years working in South Africa.

Inspiration? I am inspired by many things in life, but each painting is an expression of me at that very moment in time. Therefore, each piece is unique.

Planning? Hell no! Creative luck fuelled by bold, impulsive, messy mayhem. I use the word ‘luck’ loosely as canvasses are often reworked many times to achieve my desired creation.

Technique? I work in mixed media on stretched canvas using a variety of implements (my box of tricks) to create a desired effect. Colour, texture and contrast are prolific in my compositions.

What makes me happy? Being creative and walking in nature make my heart sing. My soulmate Jill, my children, family and friends (I love you all).