Leonie Macmillan


Contact details:
07944 248273

Ardross Farm

Artists Talk 27/11/20

My background in filmmaking has inspired me to create narratives for my ceramic pieces in which science and mythology intertwine in comment to the human condition.  By using the symbol of The Goddess, I am able to link past and present mythologies.


My production technique uses combinations of high fired clays, experimenting with plaster cast molds, textured markings and melted glass.

Sometimes I make the human form in clay as a way to tell stories, to communicate the human connection to the earth. Firing the clay changes its essence, it becomes a timeless record of the moment of formation. It reminds me of the geology of the earth, and it feels magical and profound to create in this way.

I am presently working on ways to represent the Inuit myth of Sedna, Goddess of the sea. I have been painting and sculpting whales to become familiar with the shapes and colours of her transformation (more details of the myth can be found on my website www.siriceramics.com).