Joanna van den Berg

I trained in Fine Art (Sculpture) at Bath Academy of Art in the early 80s, and now live in St Monans. After surgery on both my hands, I’m delighted to be drawing again, and work very messily from a small studio in my back garden.

The Bass Rock, the sea and murderous crows feature regularly in my current work. The rock changes constantly, in size, in shape, in colour. I suspect it moves when no one is looking.

Whenever I think this obsession is on the wane, it creeps back into my drawing. New work is developing however, from two crows that terrorise the coastal path by St Monans’ pool and salt pans. A pair of absolute villains, self-styled vigilantes, and a great excuse to break open the charcoal and get back to black.

11 Miller Terrace,
St Monans, KY10 2BB

Contact details:
07841 666931


Entry from the road through the back garden, or by the front of the house, up the steps from the coastal path between the windmill and the car park